Well, 2020 was a year to remember, and a year to forget!!

Hello, and welcome to the Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference (ABEC) to be held in a different format for the first time to those conferences of previous years.
On behalf of the Board of the Biomedical College within Engineers Australia, we are delighted to invite you to participate in ABEC 2021 from 21 to 22 October 2021.  

The aim of the conference is to bring the biomedical engineers, researchers, students, and communities around the world together in order to share their latest research works and innovative developments in biomedical engineering.

The two day conference is planned to be a virtual online event with a 'hybrid' networking element for those able to attend in person.

With more than 100,000 members embracing all disciplines of the engineering team, EA is the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in Australia.  The College of Biomedical Engineers is for members of EA who work closely with medical practitioners, health-industry professionals, and vehicle and safety equipment manufacturers to enhance human life.

Biomedical Engineering is an integral part of modern health care. Biomedical Engineering teams bring their skills to a broad range of fields ranging from Clinical Engineers managing all aspects of the health technology lifecycle; Rehabilitation Engineers taking lead roles as front line clinicians in assessment, design and manufacture of assistive technology for people with disabilities; engineers in industry developing and manufacturing medical devices; engineers leading or supporting standards development, review and implementation across the health care sector; through to researchers working closely with other clinicians or industry partners to develop new technologies and procedures.

EA’s, College of Biomedical Engineers recognises the diverse nature of the work of biomedical engineers and is looking to celebrate this during ABEC 2021.  The conference will bring together all branches of biomedical engineering into one conference venue to focus on the role engineering has to play in improving health care outcomes.

We expect to attract some exciting speakers from both home and aboard and provide networking opportunities in the one day Divisional Office events. This opportunity provides you with a unique platform from which to reach a high profile, highly targeted audience of leading professionals.

In conjunction with the learning experience of international and national experts in the field, and networking opportunities of the conference.

We look forward to meeting you in October.

Michael Flood BE FIEAust CPEng NER        
Biomedical Engineering College Board


ABEC Conference Chair

Michael Flood BE FIEAust CPEng NER        

Program Committee Chair

ABEC comes together thanks to the enormous and collective efforts of the Conference Committee which consists of:

Omid Kavehei
Program  Co-Chair

Gregg Suaning
Program  Co-Chair

Committee Members

David Grayden
Kelly Stallman 
Adrian Richards 
Bruce Morrison 
Iain Brown 
Edmund Kienast 
Robert Day 
Cait Thomas